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Back to Work!

In preparation for the Main Street Arts Festival 2017, we are back at work finishing out the Tiny Patriot. We have secured a new location to work on it and have jumped in with both feet.  First up will be electrical, plumbing, and insulation.

Holiday Lights Parade

After weeks of preparation, we participated in the Arlington Holiday Lights Parade. Though the weather was less than ideal, a great time was still had by all!

Tiny House Movement

So many things are happening in the Tiny House movement right now. Municipalities such as Rockledge, FL and Ojai, CA are taking big strides in building codes and zoning ordinances. The 2nd annual Tiny House Jamboree took place in Colorado Springs, CO  this month and drew a crowd so large that the venue had to be moved to accommodate. HGTV has dedicated an entire evening once a week to Tiny House programming.  The Tiny House Movement is growing by leaps and bounds! Big things are happening here in Arlington, TX too. Meetings are underway and we are looking to gauge the interest in Tiny Houses for a multitude of reasons. We are asking for all of our neighbors and community members to take a quick moment and fill out a brief survey just to get an idea of the interested parties here in our own backyard.  Your response would be sincerely appreciated.

All answers will be used for informational purposes only to help us better plan any upcoming Tiny House events and activities in Arlington, TX.


4th of July Weekend

This past few days have been a flurry of activity. All the painting, prep work, decorating, that have gone into getting Tiny’s shell completed and decorated. Don’t have time to share the whole story now, but here are some pictures from the last few days.

Will have a full write up and more info later. Hope to see you all out today at the Arlington 4th of July Parade!

Last Windows In

The last windows we ordered online came in today! We got them installed pretty quickly in the dormers. They will add a ton of light to the upstairs loft. We also began to calk the entire shell today to prep for painting, which will begin tomorrow or the next day. Finally, I met with 2 local artists today to go over concepts for a small mural on each side, which will begin concurrently with paint. For me a large part of this project was to help involve our fellow community members, whether it be other members of the Proud Partners of Arlington Proud or up and coming local artists. This is going to be an amazing collaboration!

Roof Underlayment

With impending scattered storms, drying in the roof was crucial today. We laid some 15lb felt paper so that we wouldn’t have any water inside Tiny after the storms tonight. As it turns out, our area never got the heavy rain that was predicted, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to construction.

JRS Logo

Today we finished building the JRS logo on the back of the house. This had been a dream of mine since the inception of the Tiny House. So that anyone directly behind the house can easily identify the house as well as provide a beautiful stylistic feature to the rear of the house. Can’t wait to begin paint! 20160625_202125


Dormers are such a beautiful multipurpose style feature. They add character to a roof while adding usable space to a loft. We decided on 2 dormers for Tiny. We are building the dormers today and have already order the 18″x18″ windows we will be using, but those will not arrive until Tuesday. For today, we are building and framing our two dormers out.

Back door, rear window, and roof over gooseneck

Today we finally finished decking the roof over the gooseneck. It is beautiful small roof and will add so much to the style of Tiny. Now the entire roof is decked and ready for a roofing system once we finish constructing the dormers.

We also installed this beautiful white back door that will lead out to the porch. We chose a door that is 32″ wide, white, and has a nice window that will bring light into the living area of Tiny. The style of door we chose also has the blinds made into the window, in between the panes of glass. They are basically maintenance free with no dusting or cleaning required.

We also installed the rear window today. It is an important piece to the back silhouette of Tiny. We had no luck in sourcing an 18″x18″ anywhere locally. We tried all the big box stores as well as specialty window stores. Finally found this one online and it shipped the same day!

Siding Finished and Glass Door

The rest of today was spent finishing the installation of the siding. The sliding glass door was also installed in the bedroom area. This door will provide a lot of natural light into the bedroom and makes an excellent style addition to the exterior. The shell is almost complete and looking beautiful. We’ll be ready to install the roofing system and paint the exterior very soon.

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