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Tiny Houses for Veterans

JRS Tiny Houses was established with the idea of providing affordable, eco-conscious, sustainable housing for all. Jesse has long had a huge heart for our Veterans. It is a great tragedy that veterans are not cared for upon their return to this great country. On any given night, 40,000 veterans sleep on the streets. With this in mind, JRS Tiny Houses has set out to form a program to provide Tiny Houses for homeless veterans. While we are still in the early stages of this program, we want to know who is interested in joining this endeavor with us. We are currently checking into all the administrative, legal, and financial requirements of beginning this huge undertaking. We are currently asking all community members who are interested in assisting to sign up for email updates.  We will send out emails updating our progress, listing out our goals, and asking for the communities’ involvement.
 Please fill out the form at the bottom of this post.  
Let us honor our Veterans on this day and every day!

Here are a few links to similar projects across the country.

Veterans Community Project– Kansas City, MO

Tiny House Community for Veterans– Penn Hill, PA

Veteran’s Village of New Hampshire– Lee, NH


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July 4th Parade 2017 Awards

After the parade was over, we headed on over to Knapp Heritage Park. This part of parade day is quickly becoming a favorite. The Arlington Historical Society opens up the park and provides some delicious BBQ sliders and the coldest watermelon in Texas. We get to sit down and cool off while enjoying the company of other parade entrants, sponsors, and the parade committee. We were honored to received an award again this year. We were honored to receive the 3rd place prize for the Small Business Division. Much to our surprise, we were also awarded the Director’s Award. This is an award chosen by the current and past Directors of the Parade association. We would like to thank everyone who was involved in parade preparations & parade day: Domingo Barrera, Robert Laborico, Kristina Hernandez, Samantha Segura, Demi Stewart, Amanda James, Greg Westbrook, Launa Virgo, and DeMario Davis.  We couldn’t have done this without you guys! We would also like to take a moment and thank the ENTIRE Arlington 4th of July Parade committee. You guys work so hard year round to put on an amazing event every year here in Arlington, TX. We truly appreciate you.

For a full list of all winners form all categories click here from the article published by the Fort Worth Star Telegram.


July 4th Parade 2017 Videos

Jesse live streamed a short video before the parade showing the Tiny Patriot and our position in the staging area.

Here’s a video our friend Erika Paz took of the Tiny Patriot rolling down the parade route.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in the Arlington 4th of July parade? Here’s a first person view from the back porch of the Tiny Patriot taken by our friend Demi Stewart.

Finally, if you would like to watch the parade in it’s entirety here it is for you. As always, the parade is shared on the AISDTV channel and on their YouTube channel.

Watch for Jesse’s Roofing Services and the Tiny Patriot at one hour and 20 minutes.



July 4th Parade 2017 Photos

This year Jesse’s Roofing Services and the Tiny Patriot participated in the 52nd annual Arlington 4th of July Parade. This is an event we have truly grown to love. This year, since the Tiny Patriot was already built, we were able to focus more on decorating. First, we emptied all of the furniture (kitchen cabinets, beds, appliances) to make room for all the float riders. Then the kids did their very best to make artistic contributions and decorations. Jesse also finished off the 50 stars on the United States side of the roof.  Here are some of our parade prep photos:

Parade day was great. We had some rain over night the day before, but it all cleared up by morning. Temperatures stayed nice and cool, in the mid 80s for parade day. The crowds were out this year in full force lining the entire parade route. Couldn’t have asked for a better parade day! Here are our pictures of the parade:




4th of July Parade

Just wanted to share some exciting news with you. Jesse’s Roofing Service is very proud to announce we will again be a participant and sponsor of the Arlington 4th of July Parade! We are looking forward to seeing you there. Be sure to visit the Arlington 4th of July Parade website for more information. The parade will start at 9am on July 4th. Arrive early because the streets will begin closing at 7:30 am and the good spots along the parade route fill up fast!


EMAF 2017

The Tiny Patriot made her first, official public debut on May 7th, 2017. What an exciting event. We were out and met the crowds and had lots of advice and promo products for all of our fans. Shortly before the festival, the Tiny Patriot also got her own facebook page. Follow her here at The Tiny Patriot. It was such a beautiful day and fun was had by all!

Interior Walls

After we began the insulation we were able to begin  closing up the walls. 


Today we began the process of installing the insulation and closing up the walls. We choose Certainteed Sustainable Insulation. (https://www.certainteed.com/insulation/building-insulation-sustainability/) It is made with a large portion of pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled materials. Another reason we choose this material is that it is free of harsh acrylics, dyes, or added formaldehyde. It is also Greenguard GOLD certified ensuring very low or no emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Changing quickly

Things are really starting to come together quickly! After deciding on a DIY composting toilet, we came up with the idea of making it a really cool place for some extra storage in the bathroom. We took some quick measurements of the area that the toilet would be occupying and went to town! This is what we came up with. Still needs to be stained and installed, but we truly love it. Lots of extra room for TP and cleaning supplies.

The Murphy bed hardware also came in yesterday. After searching the internet endlessly for different types of Murphy beds to order, we were shocked by their price tag. Most looked beautiful, but the beds themselves did not include anything other than the actual cabinets and most lacked the style or beauty that we were looking for. Wendy stumbled across a hardware kit from Rockler Woodworking (http://www.rockler.com/deluxe-murphy-bed-kits-vertical-mount) and it seemed like a great value for the money. Upon a little further investigation we found that Rockler had several brick & mortar stores in our area. We went one evening and found out they do carry the Murphy Bed hardware kits in store, but not in the size we were looking for. The guys at Rockler were super helpful and got our order placed with their warehouse. The kit arrived to our home in just a few days. It includes all hardware and directions, but you must purchase the lumber to build the actual cabinet that the bed will sit in and the platform for the bed itself. After a quick trip to Home Depot we went to work on building the cabinet. It took less than 1 afternoon. We’ll finish the bed itself inside the Tiny Patriot once we get a little further along in the build.

We are also in the process of preparing for insulation and closing up the walls. All week we’ve been wiring up electrical and installing plumbing. Today we took some time to add hurricane ties to all the roof joists. I know I know… Hurricanes in Texas? Not exactly, but these ties will strengthen the connections in different parts of the house and add so much to the over all strength and stability of our structure.


Today we took time out from the build to go and visit IKEA. We were checking out multipurpose and small solutions for furnishing the Tiny Patriot. It was our first visit to the GIANT retailer and it took much longer than anticipated, but we found so many great pieces that will help the Tiny Patriot stand apart in it’s beauty and decor!

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