Things are really starting to come together quickly! After deciding on a DIY composting toilet, we came up with the idea of making it a really cool place for some extra storage in the bathroom. We took some quick measurements of the area that the toilet would be occupying and went to town! This is what we came up with. Still needs to be stained and installed, but we truly love it. Lots of extra room for TP and cleaning supplies.

The Murphy bed hardware also came in yesterday. After searching the internet endlessly for different types of Murphy beds to order, we were shocked by their price tag. Most looked beautiful, but the beds themselves did not include anything other than the actual cabinets and most lacked the style or beauty that we were looking for. Wendy stumbled across a hardware kit from Rockler Woodworking ( and it seemed like a great value for the money. Upon a little further investigation we found that Rockler had several brick & mortar stores in our area. We went one evening and found out they do carry the Murphy Bed hardware kits in store, but not in the size we were looking for. The guys at Rockler were super helpful and got our order placed with their warehouse. The kit arrived to our home in just a few days. It includes all hardware and directions, but you must purchase the lumber to build the actual cabinet that the bed will sit in and the platform for the bed itself. After a quick trip to Home Depot we went to work on building the cabinet. It took less than 1 afternoon. We’ll finish the bed itself inside the Tiny Patriot once we get a little further along in the build.

We are also in the process of preparing for insulation and closing up the walls. All week we’ve been wiring up electrical and installing plumbing. Today we took some time to add hurricane ties to all the roof joists. I know I know… Hurricanes in Texas? Not exactly, but these ties will strengthen the connections in different parts of the house and add so much to the over all strength and stability of our structure.