This year Jesse’s Roofing Services and the Tiny Patriot participated in the 52nd annual Arlington 4th of July Parade. This is an event we have truly grown to love. This year, since the Tiny Patriot was already built, we were able to focus more on decorating. First, we emptied all of the furniture (kitchen cabinets, beds, appliances) to make room for all the float riders. Then the kids did their very best to make artistic contributions and decorations. Jesse also finished off the 50 stars on the United States side of the roof. ┬áHere are some of our parade prep photos:

Parade day was great. We had some rain over night the day before, but it all cleared up by morning. Temperatures stayed nice and cool, in the mid 80s for parade day. The crowds were out this year in full force lining the entire parade route. Couldn’t have asked for a better parade day! Here are our pictures of the parade: